Runners who decide to take the plunge and start to incorporate hills into their running workout route, are greatly rewarded in terms of their physical condition, and how they feel. Hills are often something that are put off by runners, as they think they will be exhausting. But the secret of successfully incorporating hills into your workout, is to start out by choosing hills which are not too steep, and taking it easy in the beginning. – there is plenty of time to work up your speed at a later date.

So begin by looking out for a route with a small hill, and then once you have become accustomed to it, several months down the line, re-route to include two or more hills with different lengths and grades. The hills can be far apart or close together, according to how much stamina you have. The protocol for running with hills is as follows:

  • Do a simple jog for ten minutes in order to warm up.
  • As soon as your reach every uphill, attack the hill by running up each one as hard as possible
  • When you reach the downhill, jog down slowly
  • Aim to keep up a steady pace when you are running on the flat parts of your route
  • Carry out ten minutes of simple jogging in order to cool down, and then after that, do some static stretching for five minutes

If you progress so that your route incorporates a variety of hills, it is far more beneficial that just using the same one. This is because when combined, they will get your fast-twitch muscle fibers going along with exercising your motion range.

Another benefit is running in the countryside which is often endowed with beautiful emerald green hills and populated with all kinds of beautiful trees. This can give you a fabulous psychological lift.