Get Fit in Under 3 Hours Per Week

Making time for healthy feel good workouts is not always easy, especially when you are working full time, and have family commitments and a heavy social schedule. But the great news is that if you want to get into fantastic shape, increase your strength, and lose weight as soon as possible, then you only actually need to allocate running sessions three times a week for three quarters of an hour at a time.

This goal orientated strategy is perfect for parents and busy professionals who do not want to commit themselves to a regular running program, but would love to gain the advantages that running offers. In order to get the desired results, you need to chose one of two plans, both of which are goal specific.

Increasing Running Fitness and Strength

The rule here is not to do the same thing on each of your three days. One day can be devoted to strength work, one to only running, and one to a mixture of strength and running.

Improving Your Running Economy

If you would like to elevate your muscle mass and lose weight, then your program should include both anabolic and catabolic stimuli. In order to achieve this a cardio-strength combination is ideal. Anabolism refers to something being built up, whereas catabolism relates to something being broken down.

Anyone who wants to shed weight must have stimuli that gives off a net catabolic effect. This can be done through a calorie controlled diet and exercise. Running generates a catabolic effect and burns up calories. Calories can also be burned off through strength training, however, as the latter builds muscles, it generates more of an anabolic effect. To that end, individuals who yearn to get into shape quickly need both catabolic and anabolic forms of exercise.