Doing a regular steady-paced run is an important part of being a successful runner, and it will help you to maintain all the first-class benefits that running offers. It also contributes to the regularity of your exercise program, and gets you into a routine, which few people break no matter how bad the weather conditions are, or how many other things they have to do.

The first thing to do is to look for a comparatively easy route where you will be able to comfortably carry out a steady-paced run. Once you have found the ideal course, do the following:

  • Do an easy jog for five minutes in order to warm up
  • Keeping the same steady pace, do some running for thirty minutes
  • Follow this with some easy jogging for five minutes, and then carry out some static stretching for five minutes

If you repeat this protocol on the same route for fourteen days, then it will be easy to gauge your progress, and determine if it is the right level for you. Moreover, if you feel good about the duration of the run, and feel that your physical effort can be pushed further, then if you so desire, you can pick up the pace.

If you decide to rev things up, do not make the mistake of overdoing it. It is far better to rev your speed up gradually, as if you do too much, not only will you feel mentally and physically exhausted, and even have some unwanted strain, it may also stop you from trying to step up from your original level, which will be a pity.

If you want to rev up you endurance capacity, do a ten munute easy jog, and then run at an up tempo pace for 100 metres x 20 minutes on a grass field or track which is around one hundred meters wide. Be sure to catch your breath by walking for 10 second breaks.